SLEM Roadmap

The main objective of the assignment is to develop a roadmap with a detailed action plan for implementing the findings/ recommendations made by ICFRE under SLEM Project (SLEM Baseline Report: Issues, Challenges and Prospects in Sustainable Land and Ecosystem Management). Key recommendations of the SLEM baseline report are as under:

  • Revival of State Land Use Boards
  • Harmonization of State’s legal framework with the provisions of PESA
  • Protected areas management in an effective way to sustain natural resources
  • Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation for enhancing ecosystem services
  • Inter-sectoral policies for long term biodiversity conservation
  • Management of groundwater
  • Smart land management and innovative technologies for enhanced sustainable productivity
  • Enhancing ecosystem services to combat climate change
  • Developing a national land use policy

The SLEM road map would investigate the current state of institutional and policy arrangements in India, identify key gaps (institutional mechanism, data and capacity gaps. etc.) and how these may be required to be realigned and/or what policy reforms and changes are required to mainstream SLEM practices in making investments choices. etc.

The SLEM road map would provide specific guidelines to different Ministries/Departments/Research Organizations/Civil Society Originations involved in restoration of degraded lands and to combat land degradation/desertification.The SLEM road map also provides the guidelines and plans for achieving the targets of land degradation neutrality, sustainable development goals and Nationally Determined Contribution targets of India.