Van Vigyan Kendras

ICFRE had initiated a novel scheme (during 2007-08) with active collaboration of State Forest Departments (SFDs) under the name of Van Vigyan Kendras in each state/ UT under XI Five Year Plan with the objective of dissemination of various technologies developed by the Council and its institutes and State Forest Departments (SFDs) to the user groups including farmers and forest-based industries. Accordingly, ICFRE institutes have taken leading role in establishment of 31 Van Vigyan Kendras (VVKs) in different states of the country with the active participation of concerned State Forest Departments.

A study on the effectiveness of the forestry extension system through the VVKs was initiated to identify areas of improvement in the system. The objective of the assignment was “to evaluate working/ effectiveness of VVKs established in different states in fulfilling the objectives of forestry extension services to enable technologies from lab to land and make practicable suggestions to improve upon the working and effectiveness of VVKs in future.”